Paper Machine Design and Operation
  Descriptions and Explanations
    by Gunnar Gavelin

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221 Pages


Single Column Format

200 Illustrations

Extensive Index
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Gunnar Gavelinís book is distinctive from other papermaking volumes. In 221 pages, this concise hardcover book updates the reader on current paper machine developments and operating practices, and compares design approaches by the major paper equipment manufacturers. The 200 illustrative figures help you understand the topics. The entire basic paper machine is covered; however winding, supercalendering and coating are not treated.

PAPER MACHINE DESIGN AND OPERATION is not intended for the neophyte, but will be extremely useful to practicing papermakers, mill engineers and industrial technical personnel. Gavelinís book is crammed full of practical papermaking information that can be applied at the mill level. It not only discusses paper machinery design options, but also offers many suggestions on how to optimize the operation of this equipment.

Gunnar Gavelin has done it again! This book is highly up-to-date with discourses on developments like shoe presses, hot presses, crownless pressing, soft calendering and impulse drying, as well as computerized process control. Concise and complete!

Michael A. McGregor (Svensk Paperstidning)

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